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New World Energy Supplies Jatropha Oil for BSH cooking stove in Indonesia

Indonesia based PT New World Energy (NWE) and leading multi-national appliance manufacturer, Bosch and
Siemens Home Appliance Group (BSH) of Germany recently partnered together on a pilot project to bring
clean cooking technology to rural communities on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.
BSH has created the Protos, a stove powered by crude plant oil instead of kerosene, the dominant cooking fuel
in Indonesia. The Protos’ clean burning technology is 50% more efficient than traditional kerosene stoves,
greatly reducing fuel consumption, indoor air pollution, and carbon emissions. The Jatropha oil for the initial
6 month trial was supplied by NWE with its employees as the participants.
Mike Vanstone, Director of NWE sees the project as a good business decision as well. “The use of Jatropha oil
in the Protos stove allows our employees to see a direct benefit of Jatropha cultivation in their homes. Since
the pilot, local farming groups have become interested in supplying seed to our company and we see it as a
new long term sustainable source of local demand for our product.”
With the recent start of serial production of Protos in Jakarta, the project is now heading into its second phase
and the two companies plan to roll out another 200 stoves locally for which NWE will continue to supply the
oil. BSH’s goal for 2010 is to have 1000-2000 stoves in use, which would require over 120,000 litres of oil per
PT New World Energy (NWE) is a Jatropha and Castor oil plantation company whose primary business is in
the NTB region of Indonesia. The privately held company has been operational for three years and has
plantations equally mature. The company currently operates approximately 500 hectares on Lombok with
plans to expand to 2500 by the end of 2010. NWE also has 15,000 hectares of farmer co-op plantation models
throughout NTB and Sulawesi.
Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group (BSH) is a corporate group operating worldwide, which posted
annual sales of about 8 billion Euros in the year 2008. It stemmed from a joint venture set up in 1967
between Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart) and Siemens AG (Munich). Today, BSH operates 41 factories in 13
countries in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia. Together with a global network of sales and customer
service firms, the BSH family is today made up of about 60 companies in more than 40 countries, with a total
workforce of some 39,000 people.
For more information on the Protos Plant Oil Stove, please visit:
For Media Inquiries please contact:
Mike Vanstone
Director, New World Energy
1 604 828 4088



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