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VEPOWER to break ground on bioenergy nursery

Britain’s VEPOWER Limited is partnering with Private Energy Development & Management Ltd. to establish a nursery for the growing of Jatropha curcas saplings. The goal is to aid plantation owners in developing their plots without the issues surrounding the nursery phase. The young plants will be cultivated to enhance the plants’ natural resilience and hardiness while being protected from hazards that can impact development of the young trees.
VEPOWER will hit all the sustainability markers by using natural fertilisers and pesticides, reducing irrigation to natural rainfall (with top-ups if drought occurs) and planting on land not previously used for food production. The sapling trees will be cultivated until 90 days old when they will be available for shipping to VEPOWER’s international clients.
Jatropha curcas has been both buoyed up by promoters claiming the plant to be a wonder crop requiring no inputs and devalued by dissenters who point to the failure of plantations to deliver on promises and the way these miss-managed plantations swallow resources. The real case sits somewhere in between these opinions: well managed Jatropha plantations require little irrigation, pesticide or synthetic fertiliser. The plants are capable of absorbing the little mineral nutrients they require with little precipitation given well prepared soil and some old fashioned husbandry methods.
VEPOWER has been developing bio-energy systems with a number of power and utility clients. The client seeks green fuel and the technology to use that fuel efficiently. To those ends the company has been working with plantations across the globe to source sustainable fuels, ensuring the ecological credentials of the plantations. Then the Company assists the clients in matters concerning storage and the presentation of the fuel to the generation equipment.
VEPOWER expects to be shipping their first ‘crop’ at the latter end of September 2010 and are taking orders and bookings now. Visit the website at to contact the Company.
For further information, contact VEPOWER Limited:
Contact point: Neil Faulkner
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3286 8771
Fax: +44 (0) 20 3137 1980
Address: 6 The Mead Business Centre Mead Lane Hertford SG13 7BJ UK



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  NNADIRI EMMANUEL NNAMDI (euphratesrenewable) at 01/09/2011 03:04:01

Euphrates Renewable Enterprises is a pioneer Renewable Energy Company in Nigeria dedicated to the development of Agro Energy –crops, processing and refining to meet the ever increasing local and international demands for Renewable Fuels. Our core competences are in the research, technology transfer with hybrid / improve Jatropha seeds, production and marketing of biofuels especially biodiesel. We write to intimate you that we seek for partnership and technical support on a large scale production of Jatropha seeds for biodiesel production under our agriculture scheme. At this juncture, we as facilitator to the project have well structured out – grower farmers that maintain one (1) Hectare in size to qualify for the Smart Out-Programme (SOP) launched by the facilitator for farming of the Jatropha seeds on buy-back arrangement and supply to the Industrial End Users. Kindly indicate your interest and let us arrange for a meeting to discuss the details at your own convienient time as soon as possible. In view of our vision, we welcome you as a joint venture partner. This is an open invitation and subject to further discussion to develop a blue print MoU for as to implement our vision successfully in Nigeria. Euphrates Renewable Enterprises recognized the importance of good environmental management for sustainability performance excellence to ensure sustainable agribusiness. Thanks for your consideration and waiting for urgent reply. Yours Faithfully Euphrates Renewable Enterprises Nnadiri Emmanuel N. B.Sc, NAPE. President. +234 80 85463719

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