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NASA Takes Jatropha for a Ride Into Outer Space on Space Shuttle Endeavour

UK-based Carbon Credited Farming (CCF) congratulated NASA on the successful launch of the Endeavour Space Shuttle today. It blasted off from Kennedy Space Center taking with it new scientific experiments, including a study of the Jatropha curcas plant, used for producing biofuel, to see if its breeding process can be speeded up for commercial use.


Jatropha is a tenacious plant whose nuts are used to produce biofuels, which are increasingly being referred to as "Green Oil". It grows well in soil that is otherwise unsuitable for food crops and produces sustainable, renewable energy in contrast to inefficient and harmful crude oil products.


"NASA's decision to experiment with accelerating the production process of Jatropha based biofuels underscores the validity and urgent need for the production and mass market implementation of biofuels into the marketplace," said Gregg Fryett, Managing Director of CCF. "Carbon Credited Farming has Green Oil plantations established in a growing number of locations across the globe and celebrates this development as further validation of our efforts to forge an alternative to harmful crude oil churned out by the big oil industry."


In fact, Jatropha-based biofuels have experienced many market validations in recent days, including:


Carbon Credited Farming has many more deals and developments in its pipeline that will continue to help cultivate and provide leadership to this burgeoning sector of the energy industry.






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