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New Frontiers in Biofuels. 18/01/2010 - New Delhi, India

 The Biofuels sector is presently receiving worldwide attention. Biofuel usage as an alternative to petroleum based fuels not only provides energy security but also results in better environmental conditions. Its use also provides a social and economic advantage to the nation. Increased employment in rural areas and reduced oil imports are the two direct benefits induced by widespread application of biofuels. We anticipate a phenomenal growth in the global biofuel market. However, the issues related to the technology, quality standards and the engine application need to be addressed.
This international conference, organized by Delhi Technological University, Delhi, aims to harbor a platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience among scientists involved in various segments of biofuel research. We hope to assimilate your experience and to gain a better understanding of the metrological needs with respect to technical and socio- economic issues, and support consistent quality production and to identify challenges to be met in the near future.
We invite all individuals and organizations working across this globe to participate in the conference. We hope that this conference would enlighten the researchers on economically viable, state-of-the-art, biofuel technologies developed in recent times. The expansion of micro level production units into employment generating centers and amplification of production houses by an efficient supply system is also to be inculcated in the conference.
I look forward to your participation and making your acquaintance in New Delhi in 2010.
Prof. Naveen Kumar

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