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Biofuels 2009. Forth annual Meeting. 27-28/10/2009 - Budapest, Hungary




The World Refining Association is pleased to announce that the 4th Annual Biofuels Conference
With uncertainty and volatility sweeping across the biofuels industry senior leaders from international oil majors, refineries, Biofuel plants and policy makers will gather in October to assess the global business issues that will impact on sustainability and future growth of this industry.
An agenda shaped by the market for the market will help you understand how you operate in this new regime and how you can stay profitable.
BIOFUELS 2009 is the fourth annual event from the World Refining Association. Over 800 key leaders attended the previous three events with representation from over 50 countries across all 5 continents. Through informal business card exchanges, in-depth roundtable discussions, and social networking opportunities, you will have plenty of time to meet the key players in a comfortable and relaxed environment.
New for 2009, our Advisory Board will help drive an industry driven agenda keeping the conference topics relevant and practical for all involved. So far, confirmed members include:
Rob Vierhout, Secretary General, EUROPEAN BIOETHANOL FUEL ASSOCIATION (eBIO) Raffaello Garofalo. Secretary General, EUROPEAN BIODIESEL BOARD (EBB) Simo Honkanen, Senior Vice President Sustainability and HSSE, NESTE OIL Marcos Jank, President, UNICA Richard Altman, Executive Director, CAAFI (Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative) Established over the last 3 years
This is the must attend Conference for your 2009 calendar!

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