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New methodology approved from the CDM Executive Board for the "Production of biodiesel for use as fuel"

 During the last EB meeting (13-16 october 2009) the new proposed methodology ACM0017 - "Production of biodiesel for use as fuel" (version 1) has been approved.
The methodology is applicable to "project activities that reduce emissions through the production, sale and consumption of blended biodiesel that is used as fuel" where the biodiesel is produced either from waste oil and fat or "Vegetable oil that is produced with oil seeds from plants that are cultivated on dedicated plantations established on lands that are degraded or degrading at the start of the project activity."

This is a very important new for Jatropha since up to now the only possibility was to split the project activities along the Jatropha supply chain according to existing methodologies: Afforestation/Reforestation and then Renewable Energy Production, without taking in account the production of fuel for transportation.


those who want more information can read the complete document at:

(Thanks to Divya Sangam)



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