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Ghana: Country Needs Biofuel Policy Before It's Too Late

Ghana is blessed with plant resources such as oil palm, maize, sugar cane, cassava and jatropha which can be processed into ethanol and biodiesel. However, recent development in biofuel production in Ghana has led to calls on government to develop a comprehensive policy on biofuel production.

Analysts are worried that the large scale land acquisition by foreign companies for the production of biofuel threatens the livelihood of local farmers as well as the environment. Ghanaian small scale farmers, particularly women, are facing displacement from their farm lands. In recent times, especially the Northern part is said to be witnessing an influx of foreign companies engaged in jatropha and sugar-cane plantation for biofuel production.

These companies are acquiring large tracks of land for large scale production. Regrettably, some of these companies that are investing in biofuel production acquire large track of land but only pay the farmers for the portion of the land they utilize, in spite of an existing contract.





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