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Jatropha oil may cruise to success as stand-alone fuel

 Puerto Rican energy company Energia Alterna has announced that Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises will participate in trials of different blends of Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and jatropha crude oil in different quantities.


The aim of the trials is to ascertain whether jatropha oil can be burnt as fuel by itself (not as biodiesel), as well as being used as a blend fuel.


According to German manufacturing company MAN, the concept works in theory, but has yet to be tested in the marine industry.

A positive outcome would mean an explosion of demand for jatropha crude oil, which at $350-400 (€238-272) per tonne is significantly cheaper than MGO, which at $600 per tonne is currently the only oil that can be used in European ports because of its low contaminants.

One cruise ship consumes an average of 10 tonnes every hour.





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