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Expo Biodiesel 2009, 23rd to 25th November, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


EXPO BIODIESEL 2009 - CONVENTION AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND OPPORTUNITIES EXPOSITION OF THE BIODIESEL SECTOR, to be held in Rio de Janeiro from 23 to 25 November 2009, comes to unite the main agents of this market in one event that intends to become the annual meeting for the biodiesel’s productive chain.

Will bring together agribusiness professionals, from the equipment and primary material industry, to the distribution and consumption managers, involving the investors and financial agents as well. A fundamental event to the biodiesel sector’s development.

There are, at this point, many ongoing studies and projects about biodiesel, but it is an imperative need to make this event an opportunity to present, analyse and study the different experiences and achievements of the specialists in this fuel.

Knowing the biodiesel sector’s characteristics, as well as its specific needs, EXPO BIODIESEL 2009 has come to be an exclusive event for the professionals, enterprises, institutions and governmental agencies of this market.

Besides that, this event is also necessary due to the great search for new business opportunities, innovating ways of production and new areas for investment.




The Event

EXPO BIODIESEL will be constituted by an International Convention in which will participate, as lecturers, the most prestigious specialists, both form Brazil and from abroad, whose goal is to present the main themes, technologies and challenges of the biodiesel sector.

At the same time, there will be an Exposition where national and foreign companies will be presenting products, technologies and services of the biodiesel sector.

It is, for sure, on of the main events of the sector held in Brazil in 2009, taking into account the need to adapt the subject to strategic interests of the country.





EXPO BIODIESEL 2009 has the following goals:

1. Gather the main companies of the biodiesel sector in Brazil, with their technologies , accomplishments and projects still to be implemented.
2. Advertise what is the state of the art in the biodiesel sector with its last technological novelties and tendencies, presented by a team of highly qualified professionals.
3. To be a reference in biodiesel events so that the Union, the States and the Cities can advertise their programs in the area.
4. Receive representatives of various countries as well as investors interested in the sector.
5. Create the ideal scenario for the scientific and technological exchange between brazilian and foreign participants of the event.
6. Act as a biodiesel showcase for the media in general, generating facts and stories in different media channels both in Brazil and abroad.




Target Audience

The target audience of EXPO BIODIESEL 2009 is constituted by national and foreign representatives for governments, producers, researches, professors, banks, raw material suppliers, distributors, logistic operators, major fuel consumers, incentive organs and other parties interested in research and production of biodiesel as an alternative source of energy.

The presence of representatives from Germany, China, South Coreia, Cuba, Spain, United States of America, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Portugal are expected.




Expected Audience

Visitors and participants estimate

Estimate for the exposition: three thousand visitors
Estimate for the convention: six hundred applied participants


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