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Africa /Middle East Renewable Energy Summit 2009 Cairo, Egypt, 12th - 13th October 2009


With the growth in the economies of the African and Middle East region, their demand for energy has increased dramatically and supplies of traditional sources of energy have unfortunately not kept up with the upsurge in energy demand in these regions. And as of today, the region’s economy is on an energy pathway that is plainly not sustainable.

The statement is not new, but it is nevertheless shocking and this sobering reality of the region’s energy picture has set the framework for shift towards a different energy future, a future that must ensure energy security, secure economic development and achieve much lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

Renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biofuel are more and more deemed as a long-term solution to this future goal of diversifying energy sources and ensuring energy security in the regions.

However, despite recognition that they are important sources of energy, the road ahead for the regions is full of challenges. Proposals to these challenges abound, but implementation is slow or lacking entirely and action needs to be taken now to bridge the gap between what is happening and what needs to be done.

Responding to this challenge, the Africa /Middle East Renewable Energy Summit 2009, Cairo, Egypt, a carefully researched and organized event by Magenta Global, will provide an ideal platform to discuss the many opportunities and challenges, explore and update on technology developments, evaluate possible solutions, gain the latest business intelligence and network with potential business partners so as to capitalize and profit from the renewable energy market in the world.



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