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Jatrophabook presented first Statistics from the Community at the World Biofuels Conference '09

The Jatropha Statistics section has been created with the purpose to henance the comprehension of the Jatrophabook community. Graphs are elaborated from data provided directly by the users by editing projects datasheets.



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  Federico Maria Grati (federicograti) at 18/10/2009 22:43:32

Jatrophabook is going to announce the constitution of a specific "verification group" to check declarations made by farmers. In particular this group will verify the existing surface of big plantations, i.e. larger then 500 hectares. Best Regards,

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  Chumroen Benchavitvilai (chumroen) at 18/10/2009 05:51:30

How reliable the information are ? Many times the Jatropha information have been presented wihout any back up supportive evidences and /or preauditted. The misleaded/misguided information are distorting the real picture of the jatropha currently..

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