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Driving the development of sustainable biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas in Latin America, Mexico City: 8—9, October 2009

Jatropha Markets Americas will provide valuable insight into the potential of jatropha as a commercially viable feedstock for biofuel production across Central and Latin America.

Francisco Lopez Tostado, the Mexican Undersecretary for Agriculture will open the event, addressing the recent government led incentives for jatropha cultivation and biofuels development in Mexico. The event will examine the market developments that led the Presidents of Mexico and Colombia to develop a 6,000 biodiesel pilot plant with jatropha as a feedstock.

The event will showcase projects from the region’s largest Jatropha growers Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala. GEXSI’s recent Global Jatropha Study estimates that Latin American Jatropha cultivation will increase from around 27,000 hectares in 2008 to 1.6 million in 2015; this study will be analyzed further during the event.

Jatropha Markets Americas will take place alongside Biofuels Markets Mexico & Central America, taking place on the 7th October.


Jatropha Farmers’ Rate
A limited number of reduced fee passes are available for farmers and out-growers intending to or currently planting Jatropha Curcas in Mexico or Latin America with a production facility of up to 5 hectares. Small-scale cultivation passes will be awarded at the sole discretion of Green Power Conferences. Contact with details of your project to apply.

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La conferencia se desarrollará en inglés y español con traducción simultánea.
The conference will be translated simultaneously in Spanish and English.



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