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Constitution of Jatrophabook Scientific Committee

Jatrophabook intends to constitute a scientific commission of high profile, in order to discuss, evaluate and propose sustainability criteria.

Furthermore Jatrophabook is now equipped to receive documents.
The platform invites all the Research Centres to upload project’s profiles and to include papers and studies about your research activities. The aim of the platform is to share information and knowledge. We need to collaborate for the definition of sustainable criteria close to local realities.

In particular, Jatrophabook is working on the constitution of a Scientific Committee. The aim of the Scientific Committee is the evaluation of individual works, revision/discussion and publication of relevant results in a monographic magazine on sustainability of biofuel production with Jatropha curcas.
We would be glad to know your main field of activity in order to include your Research Centre in one of the thematic area, with a specific focus on sustainability criteria:

- Energy Balance;
- LCA – GHG;
- Land Use Change;
- Food Security;
- Social Development

For each relevant topic Jatrophabook O.N.L.U.S. association will create a specific Taskforce, to discuss, evaluate criteria and publish results from selected case studies.
We are requesting now research institute to upload documents from the project’s page. On the right column you will find a box entitle “project’s documents”.

You can upload your papers by clicking on the button “insert document for current project”. These documents will be the basis for the selection of partners to be included in the scientific commission.

Review of the documents will be done in March 2009 by the executive board of Jatrophabook O.N.L.U.S. association. After this period of reviewing, the representative will be contacted and eventually invited to participate at one or more specific taskforces on Sustainability.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Jatrophabook’s Staff




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