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13/10/2008 the World’s First Online Jatropha Community

Agroils is proud to announce the launch of JATROPHABOOK.COM at the Jatropha World Hamburg 2008 meeting on 20-22 October. The primary purpose of Jatrophabook is to promote sustainability within the jatropha supply chain by reconstructing the traceability of Jatropha sources informing end users in a clear and transparent way.


The ambitious project will enable registered members to put up information about their projects, share their experiences from around the world & start specific discussions about Jatropha energy supply chains & biofuels sustainability.

Organizations participating at JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008 can register to join Jatrophabook for *F*R*E*E* during the conference and add their projects to the interactive map, where every registered Jatropha project will be provided with a personalized space on the website to show their activities.

Registered Jatrophabook members will also have the possibility to tag each other on the interactive map, allowing integration and a sharing of sustainability practices.


Jatrophabook and its community will cooperate with some of the most important international institutions to establish guidelines to improve Jatropha sustainability. Local institutions will also support the delineation of ad hoc principles for every Jatropha growing country and will provide assistance to the registered members.

The final result will be a bottom-up process in which, through the participation of all the members, from the seed producers to the end users, Jatropha sustainability will be achievable.





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