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Jatrophabook at the next World Biofuels Conference in Brussels

In occasion of the World Biofuels Markets Conference to be held in Brussels on the 17th, 18th and 19th of March 2009, Jatrophabook will publish its first Report on "THE SUSTAINABILITY of the JATROPHA MARKET - NEW APPROACHES, STATISTICS and TRENDS from the Global Community".

Report presentation will be given the 18th at 11,30.

The aim of the report is to provide the International Community with first aggregate and first-hand data on the state of art of the Jatropha sector, as well as to present a new approach based on transparency for the promotion of sustainable Jatropha supply chains.
For this reason, we kindly ask all Jatrophabook Users to check all the information provided through the fulfillment of your Projects Datasheets as they will constitute the base for a statistical analysis.

Thank you,

Jatrophabook Staff



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  Maria Isabel Giron (migiron) at 25/03/2009 20:53:15

Are you going to publish the results in the page???

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