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Jatrophabook Association opens membership

Jatrophabook platform is free, but with your help, we can develop further the platform and implement the following applications:


If You share the Mission of Jatrophabook and would like to become a member of the Jatrophabook ONLUS Association, you will:



Active tools Work in Progress for which we need your support
Send a message to the members of the community Possibility to register more organizations by the same member
Add new pictures of your projects Forum: discussion section
Add new videos and documents of your projects (new!) Institutions will have their own category
Comment project's activities  Users Map Plan: find out where the members of the community plan to be
See the member’s project description Improvement of the existing GIS layers quality
Decide which information to be published or not Statistical Map
User Map: find out where the members of the community are New Thematic Maps
World Projects Map Sustainability Mash-Up
Layer GIS maps: Africa total rainfall and number of dry months, World Land Cover (new!) GHG Emissions Real time Calculation
Traceability tool: Link your project to the others to form a supply chain Poll and Jatropha Answers
3D Google Earth View (new!) Project of the Month Award
Latest news and information on biofuel and Jatropha activities Integrated Inbox
News & Events: to know the new conference and workshop around the world  



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