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Platform features

Today we have been offered a unique opportunity and responsibility: the development of a new sector which represents a great chance to fight poverty and climate change.


JatrophaBook wants to become the meeting point among different actors, giving as well visibility and assistance to smallholder, and providing them an access to Jatropha market.

Within Jatrophabook, it will be possible to share knowledge from on-field experiences, share scientific know-how, use special GIS layers and to start specific discussions related to sustainable practices.

Each individual or organization can register for free in the website and be visible in the Jatropha Users map.




Every step of the supply chain can be geo-referenced on the “Projects Map” with special icons and described in the section “My Project Map” through the fulfillment of data sheets and the use of multimedia tools.



Every project is provided with a personal space where it is possible to describe its activities with the assistance of multimedia tools (photos, videos, documents).



Every user can then use the existing maps as a lab area thanks to the possibility to use specially dedicated GIS layers (e.g. land cover). These layers permit to evaluate the environmental sustainability of a project (e.g. evaluate the presence of forests, needs for irrigation, etc..). GIS Layers provide information both by visual overlay (one at a time with transparency control) and point-and-click retrieving of punctual data (placed in a balloon, all layers at a time plus external SOAP services).




From “My Project Map” section, Jatropha stakeholders can tag each others with geodesic arrows and form a biofuel supply chain. An end-user can be then invited by the members of the supply chain to join the chain too. For instance, if the end-user is a car driver, he will be able to trace the origin of the biodiesel he is fuelling his car with and evaluate the way that biodiesel has been produced, from the production of the Jatropha seeds to the extraction of the oil, the blending with fossil diesel, etc.




The Jatrophabook community will cooperate actively with some of the most important international institutions to establish guidelines to improve Jatropha sustainability. Local institutions like universities are invited to promote ad hoc principles adherent to local needs and to provide technical support to the registered members.




Registered members will be able to:

- Open a personal account and edit a profile
- Join the Jatropha community and communicate with other registered members
- Access to Projects’ public pages and make comments
- Register their project and describe it within a personal space with the use of multimedia tools (pictures, videos..)


Registered projects will be able to:

- Use the GIS layers
- Link to other projects and form a “Jatropha supply chain”
- Complete the traceability of the supply chain by inviting final users to join the chain


Register now for free and, through your participation, Jatropha sustainability will be closer!