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Sustainability Criteria

Basic sustainability criteria widely accepted* for the production of sustainable biofuels are:


1. GHG emissions reduction performance compared to fossil fuels;
2. Avoidance of deforestation phenomena, negative impacts on biodiversity and land use changes;
3. For cross border transfers of renewable products, a guarantees of origin (traceability) has to be demonstrated;
4. Promotion of opportunities for employment and regional development, especially in rural areas.


*Europe - EU Directive 2003/30/EC; RSPO - “Sustainability Criteria”


Jatrophabook aims to support the work of the organizations involved in the definition of these criteria as well as facilitate their introduction in the Jatropha sector.



GHG Emissions Reduction

Through the development of a Traceability System for Jatropha products and the adoption of a Life Cycle Assessment  (LCA) approach in the definition of the projects datasheets generating the supply chain, Jatrophabook intends to allow Jatropha stakeholders to calculate the real-time emissions of their specific supply chain.


Jatropha GHG Emissions Reduction Calculation

(GHG Emissions Reduction) - tool under development


Deforestation Phenomena

Thanks to the use of high quality imagines, GIS layers (land cover) and a user friendly mechanism for the exact definition of plantations boundaries, Jatrophabook allows to verify the existance of deforestation phenomena associated with the development of Jatropha plantations.


(Land Cover - Web GIS layer)


(Jatropha Plantation - Drawing tool)


Traceability of Jatropha Products

By editing the Project's Page, every Jatropha stakeholder has the possibility to activate the Jatropha Products Traceability System and to connect his project to the Supply Chain Members.




  (Supply Chain Traceability System on Google Earth)


Creation of Employment opportunities

Jatrophabook provides smallholders with the possibility to get greater visibility on regional and Internation markets as well as facilitating the aggregation of farmers cooperatives.


(Sustainability Mash-up - Farmers)