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Jatropha fruitsJatropha curcas is a perennial shrub which is used as living fence and as traditional medicinal plant in most of the sunbelt countries. The plant needs little care and relatively low water requirements and for this reasons is often used to fight desertification. In the last decades, it has been discovered that the fruits of Jatropha contain significant quantities of an inedible vegetable oil which presents ideal characteristics for combustion and therefore it can be used for the production of renewable electricity and 2nd generation biofuels. For these reasons, thousands of initiatives for the cultivation of Jatropha have been started by farmers cooperatives, single entrepreneurs, companies, NGOs and governments all over the World.


Jatropha seedling

Jatropha cultivation can be very useful in bringing an agricultural renaissance for revitalising land use and livelihoods in rural areas, especially for countries having abundant barren land and poor in other natural endowments; these projects, in fact, are creating new jobs opportunities, avoiding land abandonment and reducing in-country migration to cities.


The objective of the association is to become the reference network for large and small-scale bioenegy projects in order to create a synergy aimed to maximize positive outcomes for rural development and create economies of scale towards a competitive market.

The tremendous growth of the Jatropha sector is generating important environmental benefits and a great number of employment opportunities especially in many of the poorest countries of the World but, at the same time, a number of aspects hinder its sustainable development:



Today, the global attention to sustainable projects focused on poverty alleviation and the fight to climate change, the availability of innovative IT applications, capillary diffusion of the Web as well as the youth of the sector itself are offering us an unique opportunity: the possibility to differentiate from the “business-as-usual” model and to adopt right from the beginning a win-win approach based on transparency and sustainability.


Jatrophabook’s mission is to actively involve all Jatropha stakeholders (seeds producers, processing plants, energy and biodiesel producers, final consumers as well as research centers and institutions) in the creation of a sustainable biofuels market.

In order to achieve its mission, Jatrophabook intends:

  1. To provide its users with the possibility to interact, share experiences and information as well as a market platform for Jatropha products, thanks to the availability of modern social networking applications, and
  2. To facilitate the process of definition and introduction of sustainability criteria in the Jatropha sector, providing information and developing dedicated web based tools.


Definition of sustainable criteria Active involvement of all Jatropha stakeholders for the definition of sustainable criteria adherent to local realities.
Traceability of the Supply Chain Possibility for seeds/oil/biofuel/energy producers to “tag” each other in the Interactive Maps and to show the supply chain to integrated final users.  
Costs abatement  Web-based Information diffusion and knowledge sharing.
Up-stream monitoring to be assigned mainly to local Institutions.
Quality of Information Possibility to describe and update project data easily through the fulfilment of standard data sheets and the use of multimedia tools.


To “promote” means to have the opportunity to inform final consumers of the adoption of sustainable practices as well as to have the possibility to share knowledge, experiences and opportunities with other members of the g-local Community.


A particular attention is offered to smallholders, Jatropha planters and famers cooperatives: Jatrophabook represents an opportunity to have greater visibility on the regional and International markets as well as a route to have an active role in the definition of sustainability criteria adherent to local realities. 


The importance of this mission have lead  us to design, implement and continuously improve this innovative and dedicated platform to enhance transparent communication and promote sustainability in the Jatropha sector.