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Flemming Nielsen
member since: 12/12/2008

Banana hill
Netherlands, Wageningen

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projectMozambique Bilibiza


Project: Research center  Location: Mozambique
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 Data source:
 Climatic data - FAO Climwat (
 Land Cover - Global Land Cover Facility (
 Altitude & Country data - GeoNames (


Country: Mozambique
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City/Location: Bilibiza
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Short description of the project: The research program is part of the FACT Foundation's R&D project in Mozambique. The target group is small scale farmers that produce Jatropha oil to substitute local diesel consumption. Research activities include on-station variety trials, on-station variety trial, spacing trials, country wide pest surveys, and pesticide trials. Collaborators include IIAM (Mozambiqan Governmental Agricultural Research Organisation), Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique), University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Wageningen UR (Netherlands) as well as private companies.


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  Flemming Nielsen (fnielsen) at 08/03/2012 10:19:00

The project was finalised in 2010. Full project documentation is available at Expansion of the production chain continues, including adding value to the byproducts through biogas production and soap making. If you are interested in more information or in initiating new projects and activities in the area please fell free to contact us at

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