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Pieter A. Breur
member since: 22/10/2008

CIG Biodiesel
Netherlands, Haarlem

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projectAustria Enns


Project: Final user  Location: Austria
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Country: Austria
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City/Location: Enns
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  Andres de la Cruz Gonzalez (andresdelacruz) at 13/01/2015 08:32:26

AFM demands information for consumers concerning CIG Biodiesel B.V. 11-10-2010 CIG Biodiesel must provide more information to consumers who have invested money in one of this company’s projects. If CIG Biodiesel does not do this, it must pay 4,000 euros for each day the information is not provided. The AFM imposed this order for incremental penalty payments on 7 September 2010.

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  Chumroen Benchavitvilai (chumroen) at 19/02/2011 17:46:44

We would like to offer our Crude Jatropha Oil from our plantations and oil extraction mill. Please advsie your e-mail address so that we could send more detail and CoA of our products for your quality reference. Regards+ Chummy Mah

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  Chumroen Benchavitvilai (chumroen) at 08/06/2009 14:58:24

Dear Pieter. Please advise what feed stock you are using for your BDF production. Did you have any experience having Crude Jatropha Oil for BDF production. ?

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  Charles Wong (greenrenwables) at 04/01/2009 19:49:22

Dear Pieter A Breur, Would you have interest to support the developemnt of a steady supply of Jatropha curcas seeds for renewable fuel production in the Southern Philippines, where there are no typhoons all year round, with good rainfall and sunshine throughout the whole year. Or perhaps you will need a steady supply of crude palm oil or RBD palm oil from Malaysia or Indonesia.These products are readily avaialable throughout 2009 Please send us your comments to Best regards, Charles

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  Pieter A. Breur (Pieterbreur) at 31/10/2008 19:19:31

The Adress is: Donaustrasse 3 Enns Austria

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