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10% Discount for Jatrophabook members attending WBM2011.

Over 250 biofuels thought leaders will share their experiences and expertise on all aspects of the biofuels value chain during three days of interactive conference sessions.

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FAO - Jatropha pro-poor development

A new FAO report examines the importance of biofuels and the potential of jatropha for poverty reduction, together with the risks jatropha biofuel development presents to the livelihoods of the rural poor and to the environment. It further characterizes jatropha production systems and concludes with the conditions required for jatropha to make a meaningful impact on pro-poor development.

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VEPOWER to break ground on bioenergy nursery

VEPOWER Limited is to break ground on their new nursery in Southern Europe. The nursery will bring on Jatropha curcas saplings to be dispatched to plantations around the World. The plants will be grown from seed of known provenance and cultivated for resilience and hardiness. The nursery will work on organic principles to aid conscientious growers in their sustainability endeavours.

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IATA calls for biofuels production from Jatropha

At the 66th IATA's AGM in Berlin General Director Mr Giovanni Bisignani called for government help in establishing the production of biofuels to replace jet fuel made from oil, he said these had the potential to reduce the industry's carbon footprint by 80 percent. After testing by airlines certification of biofuels was expected within a year. "Local production with jatropha, camelina, algae or even urban waste will open up economic opportunities in virtually any location."

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GHG LCA Analysis by NREL (US)

In Colorado, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has released “Life Cycle Assessment Comparing the Use of Jatropha Biodiesel in the Indian Road and Rail Sectors”.

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New World Energy Supplies Jatropha Oil for BSH cooking stove in Indonesia

New World Energy Supplies Jatropha Oil for BSH cooking stove Project in Lombok, Indonesia.
Indonesia based PT New World Energy (NWE) and leading multi-national appliance manufacturer, Bosch and
Siemens Home Appliance Group (BSH) of Germany recently partnered together on a pilot project to bring
clean cooking technology to rural communities on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.

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Air China, Boeing and PetroChina to test Jatropha based fuel for aviation

In China, Boeing, Air China and PetroChina announced that they will partner on the testing of a jatropha-based BioSPK fuel for aviation. Al Bryant, a research VP for Boeing, said that he expected the jatropha-based fuel would begin becoming available between 2013 and 2015, and said that with China’s 15 percent biofuel target for 2020, the country had swung behind jatropha-based cultivation.

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NASA Takes Jatropha for a Ride Into Outer Space on Space Shuttle Endeavour

UK-based Carbon Credited Farming (CCF) congratulated NASA on the successful launch of the Endeavour Space Shuttle today.


It blasted off from Kennedy Space Center taking with it new scientific experiments, including a study of the Jatropha...

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JatrophaBook Onlus at COP15, Copenhagen

 JatrophaBook Onlus delegation is now in Copenhagen, taking part at the COP15, the United Nation Climate Change Conference.


Meet us at COP 15!
+39 389 988 30 87





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JatrophaBook has been recognized as official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign!

 We are pleased to announce that the European Commission accepted JatrophaBook as official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign!


The Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign is a European Commission initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme, which aims to raise public awareness and promote sustainable energy production and use among individuals and organisations, private companies and public authorities, professional and energy agencies, industry associations and NGOs across Europe.

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Jatropha! a socio-economic Pitfall for Mozambique

In Mozambique, the debate on agrofuels has steadily advanced over the last five years, fueled by industry speculation and demand, grand promises and foreign interests. Investors have applied for rights to close to 5 million hectares in Mozambique in 2007 alone, nearly one-seventh of the country’s officially defined “arable” land ...


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Biofuel Africa produces first 50 barrels of biodiesel from Jatropha in Ghana

A biodiesel company operating in Ghana has announced the first commercial production of biodiesel from Jatropha in the country.
An official of Biofuel Africa, Ove Martin Kolnes told on the telephone that the company has produced 10 tons of biodiesel, about 50 barrels from its plantations in Ghana.

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BioFuels International - Jatropha Bio Jet Fuel

 In the US BioJet has agreed to sell 4 million barrels of aviation biojet fuel to Las Vegas oil and fuel broker E85.

The contract is likely to go into effect in 2011, once jet biofuel is projected to be approved for use by the end of 2010. The fuel standard is being developed by ASTM International...

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New methodology approved from the CDM Executive Board for the "Production of biodiesel for use as fuel"

 During the last EB meeting (13-16 october 2009) the new proposed methodology ACM0017 - "Production of biodiesel for use as fuel" (version 1) has been approved.

The methodology is applicable to "project activities that reduce emissions through the production, sale and consumption of blended biodiesel  that is used as fuel" where the biodiesel is produced either from waste oil and fat or "Vegetable oil that is produced with oil seeds from plants that are cultivated on dedicated plantations established on lands that are degraded or degrading at the start of the project activity."

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Malawi Advocates Jatropha as Eco-Friendly Energy Source

Malawi is considering creating two new biodiesel plants to diversify energy resources.The landlocked southeast African country has launched a multimillion-dollar program focusing on large-scale farming of the jatropha plant, a non-food crop that can be grown on semi-arid land...


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1.02 billion hungry people in 2009 - FAO hunger report published

The sharp spike in hunger triggered by the global economic crisis has hit the poorest people in developing countries hardest, revealing a fragile world food system in urgent need of reform, according to a report released today by FAO and the WFP.

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African Jatropha Boom Raises Concerns

Proponents of jatropha, the plant once heralded as the future of biofuels, are running into some hurdles. In a report leaked to The East African newspaper last week, Envirocare, an environmental and human rights organization, highlighted the impact of the jatropha trade in Tanzania....


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Ghana: Country Needs Biofuel Policy Before It's Too Late

Ghana is blessed with plant resources such as oil palm, maize, sugar cane, cassava and jatropha which can be processed into ethanol and biodiesel. However, recent development in biofuel production in Ghana has led to calls on government to develop a comprehensive policy on biofuel ...

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2050: Climate change will worsen the plight of the poor

Poorest regions with the highest levels of chronic hunger are likely to be among the worst affected by climate change, according to an FAO discussion paper published today. Many developing countries, particularly in Africa, could become increasingly dependent on food imports.

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GBEP: Common Methodological Framework for GHG Lifecycle Analysis of Bioenergy

The GBEP published the version zero of the Common Methodological Framework for GHG Lifecycle Analysis of Bioenergy. The Framework aims to become an effective tool for defining and analyzing all the factors to be taken into consideration when assessing GHG emissions ...

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Fuels Team Plans Super Hornet Biofuels Flight Test

Naval Air Systems Command fuels team is gearing up for biofuels flight tests in an F/A-18 Super Hornet at Patuxent River, Md., by next spring or summer, according to NAVAIR's fuel expert.Nick Kamin, Navy fuels lead, explained that before "biofueling" the plane, the team will first ...

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2050: A third more mouths to feed

Producing 70 percent more food for an additional 2.3 billion people by 2050 while at the same time combating poverty and hunger, using scarce natural resources more efficiently and adapting to climate change are the main challenges world agriculture will face in the coming decades, according to an FAO discussion paper published on 23 September 2009.


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Jatropha oil may cruise to success as stand-alone fuel

Puerto Rican energy company Energia Alterna has announced that Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises will participate in trials of different blends of Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and...


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Hu Jintao’s Speech on Climate Change

Transcription of the speech given on 22 September 2009 by President Hu Jintao of China to the United Nations General Assembly, as provided by the Federal News Service. Global climate change has a profound impact on the survival and development of mankind. It is a major challenge facing all countries..

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Ethiopia prepares to produce, consume and export bio-fuel

A new bio-fuel share company, expected to raise a capital of 250 million birr from interested parties, is set to start cultivating and extracting oil from jatropha and castor plants in Ethiopia within the next 18 months.

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Egypt cultivates jatropha as alternative energy

Egypt is currently looking into the expansion of the cultivation of the jatropha plant as a means of producing biofuels. The move came as Egypt expected population growth to continue and the country's limited energy sources may not be enough to support the massive increase..



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Commencement of Jatropha cultivation destined to the production of vegetable oil for the production

Why grow Jatropha in Ghana?

Because Jatropha is a toxic plant and is not, therefore, designed for food use. However, its growth allows the production of vegetable oil, from which clean energy can be produced without resorting to deforestation as in some other countries where irreparable damage is done to the ecosystem.

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Ghana Debates Viability of Biofuels

Africa is central to the worldwide growth in biofuels, with Dutch, American, Swedish, Japanese, German, and British firms all competing for farmland to grow the next generation of energy producing crops.


Some farmers in Ghana are concerned about what biofuels mean for food security. Ghana has made itself a focal point of biofuel growth in Africa.

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Mozambique: Government Approves New Projects for Biofuels

Mozambique's Council of Ministers approved in Maputo, on Tuesday, another two major projects for the production of biofuels, as part of Government's strategy to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Both Enerterra SA, a company with Portuguese and Mozambican interests, and Zambezi Grown Energy Limited, with Mozambican, Asian and South African interests, will implement these projects in the central province of Sofala.

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Jatrophabook at Biofuels and Jatropha market Asia

Giovanni Venturini Del Greco, chairman of Jatrophabook ONLUS, will speak at the conference "Biofuels and Jatropha markets Asia" to be held from 29/06 to 01/07 in Jakarta.


The conference has been organized by Green Power Conference.

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First Jatropha Genome Completed by Synthetic Genomics Inc. and Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology

First Jatropha Genome Completed by Synthetic Genomics Inc. and Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology. Partners Analyze Jatropha Genome and Associated Microbial Genomes to Understand and Improve Plant Yield and Health to Develop Renewable Fuels, Biofertilizers, and Disease Control Solutions

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Biofuel encourage rural development

Small scale bioenergy projecs in local communities can play a significant role in rural development in poor countries, according to a new report jointly published by FAO and the UK's Department for International Development (DFID).


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EBB indicates Jatrophabook as a "valuable example of pragmatic dynamis"

At the Roundtable of Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) Europe Stakeholder Outreach Meeting in Brussels the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) Secretariat Mr Raffaello Garofalo reported: "A valuable example. Jatrophabook projected sustainability scheme creates an important precedent of pragmatic dynamism".

Click here to download the presentation



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Jatrophabook presented first Statistics from the Community at the World Biofuels Conference '09

Last week Jatrophabook has presented the first statistical analysis of the Jatropha sector at the World Biofuels Markets conference in Brussels. Data are available in the Jatropha Statistics section.



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Mozambique: Great Potential Claimed for Biofuel Expansion

There is enormous potential for the expansion of biofuel production, and Africa is the continent that enjoys the best climatic conditions to grow the crops that can be turned into biofuels, declared Mozambican Energy Minister Salvador Namburete on 5 March, speaking at the opening of a two day international conference on "Powering Africa"...

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IEA's Report on 1st- to 2nd-Generation Biofuel Technologies

This IEA report, produced jointly with IEA Bioenergy, examines the current state-of-the-art and the challenges for 2nd-generation biofuel technologies. It evaluates their costs and considers policies to support their development and deployment...

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Constitution of Jatrophabook Scientific Committee

Jatrophabook intends to constitute a scientific commission of high profile, in order to discuss, evaluate and propose sustainability criteria.

The platform invites all the Research Centres to upload project’s profiles and to include papers and studies about your research activities. The aim of the platform is to share information and knowledge. We need to collaborate for the definition of sustainable criteria close to local realities.

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Initial framework for evaluating sustainable Jatropha production

The purpose of the paper is to provide a broad framework that could guide an initial analysis of the key relationship between Jatropha cultivations projects and sustainable criteria.

To download the full publication click here

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15% Discount for Jatrophabook Association members at the World Biofuels Conference in Brussels 17-19 th of March

Thanks to the support of the conference organizer GreenPowerConferences, we are pleased to announce that members of Jatrophabook Association will get a 15% DISCOUNT on Registration Fee.

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Jatrophabook Association opens membership

We are glad to inform all the Jatrophabook users that in the 16th of December 2008 Jatrophabook become officially a not-for-profit association receiving the status of ONLUS by the Republic of Italy.

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World-First Jatropha biofuel Test Flight

The world's first commercial aviation test flight powered by a sustainable second-generation biofuel took place on Tuesday 30 December. The Air New Zealand test flight is a joint initiative with partners Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Honeywell's UOP in commercial aviation's drive for more sustainable air travel for future generations.

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Jatrophabook submits proposal to

Today Jatrophabook submitted a Project proposal to Google's philanthropic arm for the pilot program Geo Challenge Grants. The Geo Challenge program seeks to enable organizations to create maps that will enhance their work and impact to address the global challenges of our age as climate change and poverty.


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Clean Development Mechanism Projects Booming Around The World

The number of Clean Development Mechanism projects – known as CDM projects – around the world boomed in 2008, jumping from 60 in 2004 to several thousand initiatives.

The brand-new figures come from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)'s year-end snapshot of CDM projects – emission-saving initiatives that industrialized countries can help finance in developing countries.

According to the UNEP report, around 4,200 CDM projects are now registered or in the pipeline – primarily hydro, wind and other 'traditional' renewables.

Brazil, China, India and Mexico continue to access the lion's share of the projects, with a total of 3,218 including 1,557 in China and 1,135 in India

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Biofuel from Jatropha to count twice for EU climate change targets

EU-Observer reported Representatives of EU members states, the European Parliament and the European Commission last week came to a back-room agreement that supports the sourcing of 10 percent of the EU's road transport fuel from renewable forms of energy by 2020.

The use of second generation biofuels as the use of biofuel from non-food crops might count twice in order to reach the 10 percent target.


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Brazilian President Wants Europe to Invest in Biofuel in Africa

The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, defended three-sided cooperation so as to enable biofuel production in Central America, the Caribbean and Africa. He talked during the closing of the International Conference on Biofuels, November 21, in the city of São Paulo.

"Brazil is willing to transfer the necessary technology, especially to African countries. By the way, we are already doing so. One example is the presence of Embrapa in Accra, the capital of Ghana," said Lula


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Institution: "Africa could reduce greenhouse gases" by FAO

Although Africa contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions from sources other than fossil fuels, it could be absorbing more carbon from the atmosphere than it puts back in, according to CarboAfrica, an international research project of 15 institutions from Africa and Europe that includes FAO.

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Joint Statement by the United States and Brazil announcing the expansion of cooperation on biofuels to advance energy security and promote sustainable development

The U.S. and Brazilian governments announced an expansion of cooperation on biofuels under the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2007 to advance their shared goals of energy security, sustainable development, and environmental protection.

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UN official describes Brazil’s biofuel model as a “win, win, win” for environment, development, commerce

Brazil's experience on biofuels development strategy is considered to be a model . This according to the adjunct secretary general of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad), Laksmi Puri, relater of plenary Biofuels and International Market.

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Market - Air New Zealand and Boeing announce December date for Jatropha biofuels test flight

Air New Zealand and Boeing today announced Dec. 3 as the date for the airline's sustainable biofuels flight from Auckland using a 747-400 jetliner. Conducted in partnership with Rolls-Royce and UOP, a Honeywell company, one of the airplane's four Rolls-Royce RB211 engines will be powered in part using advanced generation biofuels derived from jatropha. Air New Zealand now becomes the first airline to use a commercially viable biofuel sourced using sustainability best practices.

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Institution - Biofuels: prospects, risks and opportunities by FAO

The State of Food and Agriculture 2008 explores the implications of the recent rapid growth in production of biofuels based on agricultural commodities.

The boom in liquid biofuels has been largely driven by policies in developed countries in support of climate-change mitigation, energy security and agricultural development.

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Institution - Electronic forum on biotechnology in food and agriculture

Conference 15 of the FAO Biotechnology Forum considers the potential role that agricultural biotechnologies can play for production of bioenergy in developing countries, with a major focus on liquid biofuels.

The e-mail conference takes place from 10 November to 7 December 2008 and is being organised in collaboration with the FAO Working Group on Bioenergy.

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Institution - Jatropha in the 7th European R&D Framework Program (FP7)

7th European R&D Framework Program (FP7)

The European R&D program is proposing a specific call on Jatropha breeding. Consortium composed by European and SICA organisations are invited to join their efforts and participate to the program.

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13/10/2008 the World’s First Online Jatropha Community

Agroils is proud to announce the launch of JATROPHABOOK.COM at the Jatropha World Hamburg 2008 meeting on 20-22 October. The primary purpose of Jatrophabook is to promote sustainability within the jatropha supply chain by reconstructing the traceability of Jatropha sources informing end users in a clear and transparent way.

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New Frontiers in Biofuels. 18/01/2010 - New Delhi, India

 The Biofuels sector is presently receiving worldwide attention. Biofuel usage as an alternative to petroleum based fuels not only provides energy security but also results in better environmental conditions. Its use also provides a social and economic advantage to the nation. Increased employment in rural areas ....

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Expo Biodiesel 2009, 23rd to 25th November, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 BIODIESEL 2009 comes to unite the main agents of this market in one event that intends to become the annual meeting for the biodiesel’s productive chain. 

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2nd International Congress on Biodiesel - 15 -17/11/2009. Munich, Germany

The science and the technology of first and second generation biodiesel is being discussed by a worldwide audience. Engine operation, quality and sustainability aspects and furure production technology.


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BioEnergy Markets West Africa 27-29 October 2009, Accra, Ghana

Enabling sustainable biopower, biogas & biofuels development in West Africa.



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Biofuels 2009. Forth annual Meeting. 27-28/10/2009 - Budapest, Hungary

The World Refining Association is pleased to announce that the 4th Annual Biofuels Conference
With uncertainty and volatility sweeping across the biofuels industry senior leaders from international oil majors, refineries, Biofuel plants and policy makers will gather in October to assess the global business issues that will impact on sustainability and future growth of this industry.

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24 October: International Day of Climate Action: JatrophaBook Zero Emission Dinner

In the occasion of the International Day of Climate Action, JatrophaBook Onlus is organizing a Zero Emission Dinner. The event will finance projects of afforestation in sub-Saharan Africa. The event will include local biological foods and wine. 

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Africa /Middle East Renewable Energy Summit 2009 Cairo, Egypt, 12th - 13th October 2009

Encouraging Decisions to Implement Renewable Developments for the Future: plus site visit to the Zafarana Wind Farm..

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Driving the development of sustainable biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas in Latin America, Mexico City: 8—9, October 2009

Jatropha Markets Americas will provide valuable insight into the potential of jatropha as a commercially viable feedstock for biofuel production...


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Aviation & Environment Summit

 31March - 1 April, Geneva. The 4th Summit will focus on progress towards delivering the goals of the Aviation Declaration. The aim of the summit is to explore the pathway towards further fuel efficiency improvements and set objectives for exploiting the exciting new elements of alternative and biofuels.

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Jatrophabook at the next World Biofuels Conference in Brussels

 In occasion of the World Biofuels Markets Conference to be held in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of March 2009, Jatrophabook will publish its first Report on "THE SUSTAINABILITY of the JATROPHA MARKET - NEW APPROACHES, STATISTICS and TRENDS from the Global Community".

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Institution - World Food Day by FAO

The World Food Day organized by FAO in Rome has put great attention on the role of sustainable bioenergy within the global effort to reduce poverty and fight global warming. Jatropha has been seen as a promising crop in particular for Developing countries. At the same time, the need for further research and collaboration between stakeholders for the definition and adoption of sustainable practices has been addressed.

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