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projectTanzania Arusha

projectTanzania Arusha

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Mr Ruud van Eck

user since: 22/10/2008

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Organization: Diligent Energy Systems BV
Field of Activity: jatropha production, processing and trade
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City/Location: Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands
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Description: Diligent Energy Systems is an innovative company that produces biofuels from tropical plants: biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas, and bio-ethanol from waste from coffee production in Colombia.

Corporate social responsibility

we attache great value to sustainable entrepreneurship according to the principle of the three "P's": people; planet; and profit.

People - meaning what is socially fair for people inside and outside the company
Planet - ecologically sustainable
Profit - economic added value
Mission In her work

Diligent wants to contribute both to reduction of global warming, and to creation of employment in developing countries. The overall objective is triple profit: profit for society, for the environment, and an adequate profit for Diligent itself. Please take a look on our website to learn how Diligent does this. Under the headings "social" and "environment" you can read more on these topics.