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Mr Pietro Fabeni

user since: 16/10/2008

Projects: 3

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User profile: Company
Organization: Venture Energy LTD
Field of Activity: Jatropha plantation and vegetable oil production project
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City/Location: Yaounde
Country: Cameroon

Description: Mr. Fabeni graduated in Agricultural Science specializing in arboriculture - fruit production, organic crop and country planning. Mr. Fabeni is a consultant for the development of agricultural companies.

Mr. Fabeni worked as a researcher in the tobacco chain production for the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

Currently he is attending a PhD program in Agrobio-technology for Tropical crops at the University of Firenze. Mr. Fabeni's doctoral thesis is dealing with genetic selection for biosynthesis control of the phorbol esters in Jatropha curcas and improving seed storing properties.

He is responsible in Agroils for plantations set up, nursery installation and management in Arid Areas. Expert in plant nursering, phytology and pest control, he coordinates the activities and human resources management in several projects. Moreover he is responsible into R&D division for controlled breeding and genetic improvement and coordinates the relationships between Agroils and other international research institutions.

He’s is currently Country Responsible in Agroils for Cameroon and involved into the management in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Morocco, Mozambic and Tunisia.

In Cameroon Venture Energy Sarl was formed in late 2006 by a group of successful entrepreneurs both in Cameroon and in Europe represented by Thomas Kouta, Emile Songsare, Ireneè-Shevy Nicoletta Elisée Songsare, and Agroils Srl, an Italian firm specialised in the development of Bioenergy projects.

The group of local entrepreneurs has provided the company with the local expertise as a result of a decennial experience in large-scale agricultural operations as well as the availability in Cameroon of extensive plots of agricultural land (savannas), equipments, machineries and infrastructures. Moreover the local group has provided the company with a solid network of relationships.

Agroils Srl is a technical partner and has provided Venture Energy Sarl with extensive agro-engineering experience in the start-up of Jatropha projects.

The two companies have decided to form Venture Energy Ltd to develop the first large-scale Jatropha cultivation project in Cameroon.