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projectItaly Florence


projectGhana Yeji
project's representative: Stefano Babbini

projectMorocco Tata
project's representative: Federico Maria Grati

projectGhana NKORANZA
project's representative: Stefano Babbini

projectCameroon Mbam Kim
project's representative: Pietro Fabeni

projectSenegal Beude Dieng
project's representative: Lorenzo Martelletti


Mr Giovanni Venturini Del Greco

user since: 16/10/2008

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Organization: Agroils Technologies SpA
Field of Activity: Jatropha oil and protein technologies
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City/Location: Florence
Country: Italy
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Description: Agroils Technologies SpA has developed a process for the simultaneous production of superior quality Jatropha oil, detoxified proteins and bioactives.